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                                                              Banana Butter Cheese

                                                                     Black & White

Blueberry Bun

Blueberry Cheese Bun

Butter Cheese Bun 

Cat Bun

Caterpillar Bun

Banana Bun with Cheese

Cheese Bun

Cheese Mayo

Cheese Milk

Cheese Volcano

Cheezy Kaya Bun

Banana Bun with Chocolate and Cheese

Choco Cheese Bun

Choco Cream

Choco Kaya Milk Bun

Mexico Bun

Choco Wrap

Zebra Choco

Banana Bun with Chocolate

Chocolate Bun

Chocolate Tiger

Coconut Bun

Cream Cheese Bun

Buaya Choco Bun

Double Sweet Milk

Durian Bun

Garlic & Cheese

Kaya Bun

Kosong Manis

Mocca Cream Horn

Pandan Bun

Peanut Bun

Polo Choco 

Polo Original

Polo Kismis

Sugar Butter Bun

Sweet Butter Bread

Turtle Choco Bun 

Zig Zag Choco

Donut Almond

Donut Choco

Donut Meises

Long John Meises

Long Cheese 

Japanese Vanilla Pancake

Marmer Cake ( Vanilla Choco / Mocca Choco )

Pia Matahari ( Original / Durian / Pandan )

Sausage Mayo Boat

Sausage Cheese Mayo

Sausage Mayo Boat

Smoked Beef Cheese

Smoked Beef Garlic

Chicken floss

Spicy Chicken Floss

Wheat Bread with Tuna Cheese

Wheat Bread with Tuna Mayo

Tuna & Cheese

Tuna or Chicken Wrap


                                                     Smoked Beef and Mayo Risoles 


Assorted Roll Cake

Cake Tart

Cake Tart

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